Welcome Lara!

Lara BNalani Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Lara Behrendt has joined the team as their Marketing and Operations Assistant. The company has big goals for the 2013, and with the addition of Behrendt, Nalani hopes to increase gross revenues by fifty percent in 2013.

As Nalani’s marketing and operations assistant, Behrendt will aid in their marketing efforts through market research, strategic planning, project management, and creative development. Behrendt graduated with degrees in finance and marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and plans to utilize her creative interests, talent, and attention-to-detail in her role at Nalani.

“I am looking forward to working with Nalani where I can exercise my creative freedom and vision as part of a global solution to our client’s marketing, sales, and operational success . I am excited to expand my knowledgebase while contributing to the team atmosphere as I work to become a vital part of the company,” said Behrendt.

Nalani’s dedicated team fuels its client’s success. Each team player has their own area of expertise, yet all are able to wear many hats. Nalani uses a customer centric approach that offers creative solutions to support their clients’ success through specializing in full service marketing, sales development, and operation processes. This method provides a global view for strategically achieving increased brand recognition, client attainment, and profitable growth for those they serve. Behrendt will be a critical player in the growth of Nalani Services.


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