Developing Future Leaders is Smart Business

As a new college semester begins, students around the nation are entering new internship programs to gain real world experience and further develop their professional skills. Nalani Services, Inc. is pleased to have developed a mutually beneficial internship program to aid in the professional development of our future business leaders.

Ellen Panther and Allysa Michaelsen

This semester, Nalani is excited to welcome two new marketing interns into the office, Ellen Panther and Allysa Michaelsen. Panther is a junior at Marquette University, majoring in public relations with a double minor in marketing and entrepreneurship. Michaelsen is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, majoring in communications with a minor in advertising and an emphasis in public relations. Our interns will gain experience in all aspects of marketing, including market research, copywriting, and social media.
Internship programs offer benefits to both the employer and the employee. Guided by trained professionals, students are given the opportunity to transition their education from the classroom to the workforce. In addition, they are able to build their work portfolios and earn college credit outside of the classroom. For the employer, interns provide a fresh, new perspective into the field and offer assistance to full-time employees.

“We believe it is our responsibility and honor to embrace the next generation of skilled professionals through mentorship and intern opportunities. Some of our greatest accomplishments have come from the collaborative efforts of our full-time staff and intern talent. In our structured program, we measure goals and growth for each intern, ultimately producing great results for both Nalani and the student,” said Nalani President, Deeatra Kajfosz.


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