How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Active at Work

In today’s office environment many of us sit for at least 8 hours a day at our desk. This accounts for one third of our day! At the end of the workday stiff joints, an aching back, numb legs, wrist pain, neck pain, and headaches are the common.

Here are some tips that will provide you with some great solutions to the above concerns and provide you with the tools to create a more active and fun work environment.

To improve your posture and reduce back pain, swap your desk chair for an exercise ball. The exercise ball will help you sit up straight and reduce pain. If you would rather stick to a regular chair, adjust the chair to the proper height so you are not hunched over. Use other active sitting devices such as placing something underneath your feet or putting a pillow behind your back for more support.

To reduce wrist pain, adjust your keyboard to what is comfortable if is it separate from the monitor.

Instead of your desk, use a book stand for reading. This gives you a break from sitting at your desk all day.

Many of us also do not eat right at work. Eating healthy at work is very important. During lunch break, the most common mistake we make is eating out. Eating out mutiple times a week takes a tremedous toll on your health. You will save money and improve your health by making your lunches at home and bringing them with you to work. Incase you get hungry before lunch, keep a stash of healthy snacks at work. Do not eat at your desk; it encourages mindless eating and overeating.



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