Leveraging content marketing to meet business goals

Posted: 6/20/2011
By: Mark Nolan
Often, entrepreneurs struggle to implement the best internet marketing tactics for their firms. There is no perfect tactic for a small firm – rather, a company must examine its business marketing ideas and goals to determine the right fit.

New business owners may be shy to step up to the online business marketing plate because of its aggressive nature and potential to leave an entrepreneur open to criticism. However, failure to market online may force firms to resort to techniques that may be less effective.

“While it can be hard to take the plunge and start getting your name out there, it is really important you do so as quickly as possible,” David Mercer wrote for Site Prebuilder. “[S]tart writing content regularly, [and] you will build up a good base of SEO enhanced, useful and relevant content that will generate organic search traffic and boost your [search engine ranking].”

One way to do so is via content marketing. By publishing relevant content to company websites and including keywords, firms can rank higher in Google searches. However, it’s important to establish an editorial calendar and have a methodological approach, rather than just updating content randomly.


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