7 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing

A successful ecommerce marketing strategy is an ever-changing blend of techniques and tactics aimed at achieving specific, predetermined goals. If executed well, email marketing is often one of the most effective means of achieving those goals.

But what does it mean to execute an email marketing campaign well? What techniques and choices make one email better than another. In this article, you’ll find seven ways to make your email marketing better, including a short case study demonstrating just how effective email can be.

The Email Case Study

Recently, a regional retailer in a niche market conducted a campaign to build a list for a new texting initiative. The ultimate goal was to have a list of shoppers to which the retailer could send monthly specials via text message. Text marketing, as a tactic, is known to drive immediate actions, and the retailer wanted to augment what it was already doing with social media, advertising, and email marketing.

To build this list, the retailer employed five marketing tactics: display sign advertising, radio advertising, social media marketing, event marketing, and email marketing. In each case, potential customers were asked to text a specific and trackable code to a particular number for a chance to win free merchandise.

The retailer invested about $250 in display advertising; $3,750 in radio promotions; and less than one hour of labor in social media and email marketing combined. It also used a portion of a previously negotiated event sponsorship for promotion. The campaign lasted one week.

It is also important to mention that the social media part of the campaign amounted to a single post on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. The email campaign included two mentions in the company’s regular email newsletter. The retailer’s newsletter is well established, and it typically includes links to two or three relevant articles, coupons, discount offers, links to video content, and contest notifications.

In the end, the email marketing accounted for 58.63 percent of the text messages collected, making it by far the most effective marketing tactic employed. What’s more, given that the email campaign added nothing to the retailer’s marketing budget, it also presented the lowest cost per action — no more cost, but the retailer did have to build the list over a couple of years. As a comparison, the next most effect tactic, display sign advertising, cost about $1.08 per phone number acquired. Radio advertising was the most expensive at $22.73 per number.


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