Follow Postal Requirements

From 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring

Steve and Lisa decided to do a mailing to promote their new cheese store, so they hired a copywriter and designer. The designer was new to direct mail, but he was very talented, so Steve and Lisa thought his work would be fresh, eye-catching, and bring in new customers.

The designer designed the mailing to fit together to look like a piece of cheese. Everyone loved the idea, however, Steve had a hard time finding a printer that could print the design for a low cost. He and Lisa liked it so much, they decided to pay almost double what they had set aside for printing.

Finally, it was completed and delivered to the post office. However, the mailer did not fit postal regulations for size and window location—it could not be mailed. Steve and Lisa lost all the money they had spent on the design.

Epilogue: Hire designers who are familiar with mailing and postal regulations.


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