The Importance of Graphic Images

Viewers today expect to be “wowed” by color. More than ever they are exposed to colorful and creative websites, TV ads, films, computer software and games. Imaginative, highly animated and often sophisticated, graphics have achieved a new level of artistry. This exposure leads to a greater expectation level as the consumer assumes that they will be educated and entertained at the same time.

This presents a very real creative challenge to the designer, but that is what graphic design has always been about. Culled from the usual resources, such as books, fine and pop art, nature, travel and so on, ultimately inspiration must emerge from keen observation and the designer’s own fertile and productive mind.

As far photographic images are concerned, there are many stock photos and web resources available that offer a multitude of colorful images. Every subject can be researched through those always-available resources. In addition, a digital camera can be a designer’s best friend. There is a multi-hued world of color that, if we keep our eyes constantly open to the possibilities, is waiting to be digitally captured and forever frozen in that moment of time.


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