Use of Color in Magazines

Excerpt fro 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring
I am surprised that I still see people using two-color (2C) print advertising. Two-color is black and a second color, often red. Magazines are colorful, and black-and-white ads don’t stand out because of their lack of color.

Four-color (4C) ads stand out because of their creative use of color, but 2C ads often blend in, unseen. Using tents and hues of the second color does not make the ad pop in a glossy magazine.

The cost of 2C advertising does not justify its use. Ads in 2C often cost 40 to 60 perfect more than black-and-white (BW) ads, but don’t have the punch that a BW ad can have. Use of an eye-catching BW border, interesting typeface, bold, or italics all serve to make a BW ad outstanding for less money.

If you absolutely have to have color in your ad, go all the way to 4C and do it right. Then you can use all the colors of the rainbow to create interest and cut through the clutter of magazine advertising.


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