Let Testimonials Sell for You

Excerpt: 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring

Testimonials are endorsements from satisfied customers. There is no stronger plug for your product than the stamp of approval from previous buyers. From over-the-back-fence discussions to celebrity endorsements, potential customers are looking for someone who has used your product or service.

Solicit testimonials. Invite feedback from customers. Have a place set aside on your website where customers can tell you what they liked and didn’t like. Read them all and select the best ones to publish. If you intend to publish the full name of the writer, then you need to have his or her permission, in writing, to use it. If you can’t get that, then use the initials of the writer along with the city and state.

Put testimonials on all your written material, including your website. Use headlines such as, “What people are saying about…” instead of “testimonials”.

You can test this method by adding a testimonial or two on the outer envelope when you mail to see if the endorsement gets the envelope opened and increases your responses.


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