Use Strong Selling Words for Success

Excerpt from: 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring

Here are some of the “magic” words in advertising:

Free: The strongest selling word in the English language. Offer a free premium, free shipping, and free information—free makes people sit up and take notice. Try offering something free; it will increase sales.

New: People who want to be the first on their block to own your brand-new gizmo are called “early adapters.” New make-up colors, new car models, new fall clothing, new methods to learning a language—the list could go on forever. People love to own whatever is new!

Limited Time:Any offer that is for a “limited time” will spur potential customers to order sooner, or at least make a decision sooner, Conversely, after the date they won’t buy because they think it’s too late. Use this judiciously and mean it when you use it.

You:It has been proven that the kind of advertising that speaks to the individual using the word “you” will produce more sales than impersonal copy.


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