Standard Formats Save Money

Before designing direct mail brochures or envelopes, consult your printer. Get his or her standard sizes and design to fit that standard. Custom brochures or envelopes may look great, but if they cost two or three times as much as standard sizes, they may not be profitable. When working on a famous publishing account, our genius production manager worked with a printer to make two brochures with complementary folds. These brochures were created to roll right off the press and fold a certain way to save a ton of money. Our designer worked within the parameters of the “dummy” layouts to create attractive brochures. Our costs came in so low on this project that the client, a notorious penny-pincher, gave us another, bigger assignment to create direct mail packages for two new book series. Saving money paid off for our client and made our business grow. Consult with your printer and use the best design that prints for the lowest cost. Special die cuts or unusual folds are expensive.


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