Create Multi-Buyers

Multi-buyers are the heart and soul of your business. Repeat customers are worth spending the most promotional dollars on. Not only should you be mailing them often, but you should give them the biggest break on prices. Make your best offers to your multi-buyers. The point is to keep them buying. Bobette buys from a few of the famous women’s clothing catalogs about two or three times a year. But her favorite, L.L. Bean, started mailing to her more often. L.L. Bean mailed a menswear catalog to Bobette. She bought some shirts for her husband, Joe. Then they mailed the children’s clothing catalog to her, and she bought snowsuits for her grandchildren. Then she got their sale catalog; that was the biggest hit. Soon, Bobette was getting 1- to 12 L.L. Bean catalogs each year. As a result, her spending creeped up, and how Bobette buys from Bean five or siz times each year. Multiple mailings to a multi-buyer increase the number of purchases and their lifetime dollar value to your company.

Multi-buyers are your bread and butter. Promote them often.

~151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring


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