Business-to-Business E-mail

An email promotion goes to consumers on the weekend; send a business-to-business promotion during the week. E-mails sent to businesses on the weekend await the viewer on Monday morning. They pile up in the inbox, vying with other emails sent over the weekend, when it is more convenient to send them. But think of it from the perspective of your recipient. Would you want to come in on Monday morning and face 30 or more promotional emails? I wouldn’t. Your email is more likely to get ignored or deleted before it has even been viewed. During the week, your prospect is prepared to view promotional emails pertaining to business. Send your promotional emails from 10 am through 2 pm. These are the best hours because:

• The prospect has already arrived and is ready for business
• The prospect can look at the email at a more leisurely pace during the lunch break.
• The email has not arrived when the prospect is finishing up to go home.

Timing your email perfectly can make the difference between a sale and a deletion.

~151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring


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