“Turn Your Customer List into a Database”

This is another excerpt from 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoe String Budget.

Here at Nalani, we do just what Jean is talking about in this particular entry. Our sales team goes out, collects client names through business cards and other connections, and then they come back to the office and input the contact information into ACT (our database software).

“Gather names and contact information from your customers, and build a database. Your customer list can save you $125 – $200 per thousand on list rental. The response from customers will be dramatically higher than that of prospects. At my mail order company, our handwritten customer mailing that was sent first class produced a 10% response rate.

Gathering customers’ email addresses is key. Building an opt-in email list will save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Email costs nothing to send, and if you don’t have to pay for the list, the promotion is absolutely free.

With an opt-in email list you can send out special offers any time; you don’t have to pay postage or deal with postal delays, and your response will be immediate. Use email to test special offers and promotions. Immediate feedback will give you the option to roll out with the best offer or promotion in other media, such as newspaper ads, direct mail, or even television.”

Nalani has used MailChimp in the past to send out such emails with a very good response rate! What’s wonderful about MailChimp is how simple it is to use and the amount of information it provides to the user.


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