Pens as a Marketing Tool

When it comes to your business, marketing is inevitably a top priority. Your income and ultimately your success depend on clients, and clients come from productive marketing. While there are a number of ways to address it, marketing your business with printed pens is an easy and effective way to gain visibility for your business. Consider that the pens are something your clients will keep, will look at again, will actually find useful, and are something you can obtain and use with ease.

Traditionally, when you meet a potential client or customer for your business, you leave him or her with a business card. Business cards are effective because they are a little piece of you that goes with the client. However, that is the only act they perform: going with your client as contact information. However, printed pens can do the same thing while also serving an actual practical purpose. Instead of your contact information being lost in a stack of cards, the pen becomes something your client will keep long after she has tossed those cards in a recycle bin.

Another advantage to using pens as marketing tools for your business is that they are continually visible to your client. In addition to having a reason to keep the pen, it is something he will actually look at. While a card can disappear into a pocket or brief case, a pen gets seen. Because the pen is something your potential client will look at and look for when it is time to write something down, it becomes marketing that gets itself in front of the customer’s eyes.

Even on a subconscious level, using printed pens for marketing your business can associate you with something useful in the potential client’s mind. The customer needs a pen because he or she needs to write something down, and to fulfill that need he or she sees your business’ name and contact information. Right there, because of the usefulness of the pen, the client has seen your name again, seen your contact information again, and seen them in the context of solving a problem.

Finally, pens are an easy way to address your marketing. Owning and marketing a business is time consuming, and is often stressful, so when there is a solution that is easy, you want to take advantage of it. Pens are promotional materials for your business that are easy to get and easy to get in front of your customers. They can be easily ordered online or through the mail and are just as easy to get in front of the potential customers as a card.

As you start to put together a marketing plan for your business, keep pens in mind. Promotional materials are always important for keeping you in front of the clients, but few are as effective as printed pens. They are something your clients will hold onto, will look at over and over, and will associate with usefulness. On top of all that, they are easy to obtain and get out into your marketplace.

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