Copy: Keeping it Personal

As a full-service marketing firm, Nalani not only makes your paper pretty, but we can also assist you in writing any and all copy you require. Anything from 80-some page websites to a small insert, Nalani is able to help you create informative, well-written copy.

This excerpt from 151 Quick Ideas for Advertising on a Shoestring will explain how copywriting is done well.

“The best copy in the world is very personal. It speaks to you one-on-one, as if the person who sent you the mailing was sitting with you in your living room. How can you get such personal copy? Here are a few tips on personalizing:

• Use the word “you” in the headlines.
• Use emotion and reason to convince your prospect to buy.
• Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Understand his or her position.
• Use real numbers to create credibility, such as 55% instead of “half”, 123 instead of 100, or 78.4% instead of 75%.

Think of your copy as a personal sales pitch, and picture your prospect sitting across from you when you write. What solutions are you presenting? How do you relate to your prospect? Avoid platitudes, such as “everyone needs a widget.” Write about real, specific product benefits to the consumer and how those will improve his or her life. Use lists, bullets, and question-and-answer formats to keep the copy from becoming too wordy or hard to read.”

The writer of this blog would like to take this opportunity to interject something very important. The above is simply one other author’s opinion of how to best write copy. This does not make it law. The most important aspect of writing copy, in my opinion, is to know your audience.


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