Gang Up Printing and Save Big Money

Next to postage, printing is the most expensive part of an advertising or marketing campaign, especially if it includes direct mail. So it is important to gang up your printing to get the lowest price. What is ganging up? It means printing more than one job at a time. This is most beneficial if you know now what your needs will be in the future. For example, a publishing company runs single sheet inserts in different magazines promoting several book clubs. The inserts are the same size for all magazines, so they print the inserts for the craft book club, the cooking club, the general club, and the children’s book club together at the same time. That way they print a much larger quantity than needed for each individual club, and get a much lower printing price per thousand.

When you do this, you have to pay a small fee to stop the press and change the creativity, but it’s worth it to save so much on the printing cost.


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