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Nalani collaborates with individuals, organizations, and corporations to create success. Your solutions begin with our signature process.

Nalani will take the time to fully understand the specific needs of your business. We work directly with you to identify the existing strengths and challenges within your current marketing strategy and sales process. This detailed, interview-style analysis provides a snapshot of your history, team, image, reputation, products, services, marketing efforts, and model for client relations. It is this information that is used to support the R&D efforts that will follow.

Before we can begin to cultivate a creative marketing campaign or outline the best sales strategy for your team, we take the time to investigate the details of the Needs Analysis further. By researching your competition, looking through the history of your sales and marketing collateral, interviewing your staff, and diving into a greater understanding of your industry and client expectations, we become personally vested in your long term success. It is only then that we are able to commence the process of taking your business to a greater level of achievement.

If the fasted way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, then it is imperative that we pave the road ahead through a decisive plan of action. By doing so, we avoid distractions and can be truly successful in moving your company in a new direction of positive performance. By outlining the steps, participants, budget, and deadlines for each stage of your marketing and sales training initiatives, you’ll have a roadmap to your own success.

In today’s highly competitive world, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and get noticed. Unless you are offering a product or service that no one else has and everyone needs, you are likely to get lost in the masses. This is why your creative partners here at Nalani work so hard to offer ideas and opportunities that truly are unique and effective. Want to make a lasting impression? Relax… you’ve found Nalani.

The task of producing a highly effective marketing campaign, special event, or comprehensive sales training can be time consuming, confusing, and frustrating. Further, the lack of quality and attention to detail can become costly to your pocket book and the image of your company. Nalani’s highly experienced staff and talented partners will work with you to produce the most captivating, result generating marketing story and sales presentation to ensure your success.

Only when you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your creative campaign and sales plan do we begin implementation. Because you remain the final decision maker throughout the entire process, we pull the trigger only when you give the green light. And when you do, stand back for the roll out because it’s going to be GREAT!

At this stage of the process, we’ll work with and guide you to monitor all aspects of the implementation. It’s through the monitoring of results that we assure your media runs as scheduled, updates to your campaign are made in a timely fashion, and your sales team is operating at peak performance. What better way to establish the ongoing return on your investment. We’re here for the long term and enjoy taking part in your notable achievements as a result of our efforts. Thank you for your trust and business.


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