who is nalani and what do we do?

What does Nalani mean?

Nalani’s Origin; Hawaiian Pronounced [nah lah nee] (n.)

  1. Chief; leader or person with authority to ultimately oversee all others.
  2. Calmness in the sky; without anxiety, providing peace from above.

The truth is, Nalani is more of a philosophy than a dictionary definition. It’s the relationships that exist within our office and extend beyond into the community. You, our client, are the reason we ARE Nalani. Nalani means results. You can trust Nalani to provide you the attention to detail and creative strategies to propel you to the next level of success.

We are so much more than “just another marketing company”.

Nalani consists of a group of fun, talented, and passionate professionals dedicated to developing and maintaining a personal relationship with you. We are focused on maximizing the influence you have on your current and future customers. While our strategy for defining your marketing and sales goals and initiative are proven to increase market share, it will be the sincerity and personal vested interest we take in your continued success that define our value to you, your team, and your business. Nalani is a collaboration of marketing, sales, and business development solutions that produce positive, revenue generating results for any team, of any company, in any industry, including yours.

What Makes Nalani’s Marketing and Sales Training Processes Unique?

The personal tone of the relationships between our staff and your company is Nalani’s most unique quality. We treat every aspect of supporting your success as though your investment is from our own pocket. Further, we educate you on the processes and decisions being made, allowing you to make informed choices and remain in control of your success.

Equally unique is our approach to managing your marketing and sales approach. For further details, be sure to read more about The Three Box Theory©.

We are not a retainer based company and do not take personal benefit in the value added opportunities offered by vendors based on your media investment. We don’t keep kick backs but rather, we pass every benefit gained through your media buy back onto you. Again, we operate an honest business focused on you reaching your goals.

Is my company ideal for Nalani’s Marketing and Sales Training Services?

Whether your goal is to reach a B2B or B2C consumers, redefine your creative marketing message, cultivate a sales process to increase client attainment, rebrand your company, or maximize your sales and marketing budget, the Nalani process will deliver results. Whatever your annual budget, target demographic, industry, product, or service Nalani can help.


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